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Rajasthan Youth Innovation And Technical Intelligence Exhibition - 2018

21st July, 2018

Jaipur National University celebrates Technical Intelligence and cordially invites participants from Universities, Colleges and Students of School (grade 11th & 12th) and also their parents to explore the Engineering Project Exhibition. This exhibition will offer an immersive experience that will show, what it takes to be on the top of your Field. Gain Innovative Ideas to discover and elevate your career to THE NEXT LEVEL.

Eligibility Criteria for Participation

Date and Day: 21st July, 2018, Saturday.
Time: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Venue: School of Engineering & Technology, JNU Main Campus


Registration Fee:

Planning & The Preparatory Glimpse:

Students must choose a Category and Field of Study for their project. An accurate choice of the Field of Study increases the likelihood that your project will be assigned to judges who understand and appreciate your project. A project involves an application, design or device.

Project Topics

Physical Sciences and Engineering:


Chemical Engineering

Physicsand Astronomy

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


Software Engineering

Civil Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering


Forms for Exhibition Check-in Day

Registration will go much smoother and FASTER, if each project has the following paperwork completed when the projects are submitted at Jaipur National University at the School Of Engineering and Technology:

The Project Abstract is a Word document that can be downloaded, completed, saved and printed. A ‘Master Abstract’ will be collected during registration and placed inside the student’s Application. Additionally, students need to bring duplicate Abstract copies for presentation at their display board

The Abstract and Compliance Checklist forms must be taped to the desk in front of the project display board after Check-In.

Online Application

Step One: 2018 Online Application Form

You will need to save and print PDF copies of your completed forms.

After you COMPLETE and SUBMIT your online registration, PRINT OUT the hardcopy of the registration output page. This printout is Page 1 of the application you will mail into ryitie@jnujaipur.ac.in

Application Instructions

Please read the Rules and Guidelines before you start your project.

Step 1) CompletePage 1 of the Application Form ONLINE

Provide the project name and category, information details of each team member. The form must be completed in one sitting, so gather all the information before you begin. After you select the SUBMIT button at the end of the online registration, you will see a link to print the completed registration form.

Step 2) Complete the 2018 Application Form

This form should be filled in using Adobe PDF Reader and then printed. Handwritten forms will not be accepted with the exception of signatures. Note: Every team member must complete all the information given in the form.

Student Information

2018 Exhibition Schedule (Check in- School of Engineering & Technology)

Friday July 20 Registration Day (A day prior to exhibition) for Outstation students 09:00 — 5:00 PM
Saturday July 21 Exhibition Registration (Main Event) 08:00 -09:15 AM at the School of Engineering & Technology. (Reception lounge)
Saturday July 21 Exhibition Inauguration 09:30 — 09:45 AM
Saturday July 21 Exhibition opens 09:45 AM Onwards
Saturday July 21 Students at their display boards for Judging 11:00AM — 01:00 PM
Saturday July 21 Public Viewing (Free) 09:30 — 4:30PM
Saturday July 21 Prize distribution (Auditorium. School of Eugg & Tech) Students are expected to stay unil the Prize distribution is over. (Till 5 pin)

*Parking will be behind the school of Engineering and technology behind Parking Area.

What to Expect on Judging Day, Saturday, July 21

STUDENT INFORMATION for “The RajasthanYouth Innovation & Technical Intelligence Exhibition Championship”

Choose a Project

There are many considerations that go into choosing your project. Make sure to review the following before making your choice.

Complete and submit application before the appropriate deadline

Registration Fee

(Payable by Cash or ONLINE)

Project Display Rules





“The crux of the design process is creating a satisfactory solution to a need. The need may be to improve an existing situation or to eliminate a problem. In any case, it is what engineering is all about—using knowledge and know-how to achieve a desired outcome.”

Convener Event
Dr .RanaZaidi